Grass Painting

We are now painting grass! We have discovered a revolutionary, eco-friendly product with the absolute best true colour grass paint in the industry. We have been trained in proper preparation and application of the product. Check out the photos below or click the link to the Lawn Lift website.

LawnLift™ the “Original” All Natural, Non-Toxic and Biodegradable Grass & Mulch Paint.

LawnLift™ Grass and Mulch Paints are “Pet Friendly” and offer “The Best Color” in the industry!

Unlike most other grass paint, we refuse to use inferior man-made and non-earth friendly pigments that result in a transparent blue/green color which makes grass appear un-natural. LawnLift™ uses only “All Natural” true color pigments that have garnered us the best color in the industry! From small pet urine spots to entire dormant or dead lawns LawnLift™ has you covered….


Q: Is LawnLift harmful to the grass?
A: LawnLift contains zero V.O.C.’s no hazardous chemicals, heavy metals or other inert ingredients harmful to plant life, turf, humans or pets.

Q: Will my pet get sick if it eats grass that has been dyed with LawnLift?
A: LawnLift is not harmful to pets that have ingested grass treated with it.

Q: When it rains or when the grass is wet, will it run or rub off on shoes, clothes or pets?
A: Once LawnLift dries, it will not run, rub off on shoes, clothes or pets after it rains or the lawn is watered or the grass is wet with dew.

Q: Is it safe to use around children?
A: When applied as directed, LawnLift is safe to use around children, but you should take steps to ensure that it is properly stored and kept out of the reach of children just as you would any non edible liquid.

Q: How long does it take for LawnLift to dry?
A: LawnLift is dry to the touch in about 10-45 minutes depending on the weather.

Q: How long will the colour last?
A: LawnLift can last between 2 weeks and 6 months depending on a multitude of factors including: weather, new growth, type of grass, mowing, condition of grass, etc. In most cases the product will last 3 months if not longer.